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  Supply Chain
Prometus Consulting can help you optimize your supply chain by aligning processes, resources and organization along the
entire value chain, including both your interfaces to suppliers and customers. Benefits deriving from an optimized supply
chain include cost reduction, faster operations and sales improvement influencing positively your overall performance.
we focus mainly on two categories of assignments:
Procurement: We offer a wide range of services ranging from strategic to operative aspects of purchasing improvements. We help clients achieve lasting cost reduction and enhanced procurement processes & organization. We support clients in all steps of strategic purchases by analyzing commodities and suppliers' bids, negotiating with suppliers, and later managing suppliers' performance, and appraising procurement function, etc.
Materials Management: We help clients redesign their materials management operations and their related distribution network, enhance their materials management processes, minimize cost and align their organization to structure and processes. We can help you deliver to the customer at minimum cost and at a given level of service and quality. We can help you optimize your distribution network (i.e. number of warehouses, location, roles, organization, etc), minimize cost (e.g. transportation cost, etc.), decide on optimal outsourcing of operations, redesign your distribution related processes and align the organization to structure and processes.