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  Sector Policy & Regulation

We provide services to the public sector in a selected expert areas ranging from government research and policy making, program management, through to industry benchmarking, and legal & regulatory support.

Throughout its 25+ years of services, ECE Group has helped leaders of various governments in the region in public sector reforms & economic development programs. Prometus Consulting is particularly focusing on the Informati on & Communication Technologies sector, in which we provide world-class assistance in policy and regulatory matters.

A liberalized, competitive, and suitably regulated telecom sector not only provides customers with a wealth of reliable & new services, but it also acts as a key enabler of national economic development. At Prometus, we help governments in developing their national ICT policies, in defining a telecom sector liberalization approach & timetable, drafting telecom legislation, establishing a telecom regulatory authority and introducing regulatory processes & tools. We provide expert assistance in regulatory subjects such as licensing, costing, pricing & interconnection, consumer protection, quality control, spectrum, etc.

We also help telecom service providers establish regulatory strategies and a well-organized regulatory affairs function, and we support in establishing internal costing systems, performance measures, etc.