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Prometus is unlike any other world-class consulting firm, and we our proud in the differences we bring to our clients. We believe our uniqueness stems from several aspects of our organizational model, standards and approach:
We have the power of a large firm and the dedication of a small one: we have the resources of a large firm but
without high overheads; we are able to deliver on a short notice and in a very flexible way the right expertise.
At the same time, we always manage to keep low overheads and a very cost-efficient structure. We leverage our
extended network to bring the best talents for every job, and thanks to our cost efficiency and our simple
organization, we reward our top experts relatively higher and support them better. Furthermore, we have always
limited the size of our portfolio at one time so we dedicate more attention to each client; every assignment is
carefully followed by the firm’s leadership.
We do not believe in the cookbook approach commonly practiced by other firms who simply bring generalists and
have them follow templates; we only mobilize talented experts and many of them are renowned stars in their
domain. We support them with our rich & diverse intellectual capital and our proprietary tools & techniques, but
always ensure they innovate and deliver solutions distinctively tailored to the particular needs of the client.
We practice a collaborative creative process and we are pragmatic & open-minded, that's why we find solutions
that others miss.
We do not staff junior consultants and we do not hire ‘career consultants’. All of our people have held senior,
profit-accountable and high responsibility positions in their domain. Our people can fully understand our client
issues and can directly add value.
We mobilize our network to deliver the best to all clients: No one at Prometus owns a client relationship.
We draw on our network of expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions and thus assure our
high standard of client service.
We promote a culture focused on value delivery to the client, and we minimize internal deviations that consultants
usually face in other firms..
We do not only provide nice ideas & documents to our clients; instead we work with them to deliver lasting results.
We have an impeccable track of top results & impacts with our clients. We fully enable business transformation:
We provide ‘end-to-end’ services to clients. We carry on from where the other consultants end. Most of the other
consultants are reluctant or incapable of engaging into implementation work, and they commonly limit their
intervention to conceptual, superficial or frequently unrealizable recommendations. We are determined to succeed
with the client at whatever cost, and to reach the best results possible. For this, we are always ready to take over
and fill client shortages when and where needed.
We help our client prepare for a successful consulting experience with us by proper communication and clear
expectations from the start.
We focus on what matters most, and shortcut unnecessary, time-wasting & resource consuming activities that other
consultants usually do; we analyze the most important issues, meticulously test our results and then give direct,
clear, simple and complete answers. We help clients arrive at highly original answers to their needs - answers that
focus on those issues and opportunities with the greatest impact.
We simplify things instead of complicating them with complex concepts and buzz words; we have been regularly
credited by our clients for reducing the underlying complexity of their business to simple, well-organized & powerful
We build client skills in order to sustain improvement. We care about building permanent decision-making capabilities, not only giving one-off recommendations.
We aim to over-deliver. We usually deliver beyond our promises on e.g. scope, results, etc. Just as an example, in
one major 4-years EU program on business transformation for a large telco, we delivered around the double of
the contracted scope for the same and relatively modest resources allocated, and always maintaining ‘outstanding
results and handsome achievements’! We often have our people billed for eight hours work when they were putting
in more than 12-hour days. Our commitment to partnership & results typically exceeds contractual and formal
We proactively pass on information about our work and its progress, for the client staff not to waste valuable time
trying to understand what we have done.