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For each engagement, directly analyze our clients’ needs and requirements.
Develop the engagement vision & objectives, with a client service plan aiming to satisfy our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.
Allocate the best resources - experts, backstopping, knowledge capital & other supporting tools, etc. - for a successful completion of our engagement.
Optimise the use of the allocated resources & time by focusing first on client’s value-adding priorities.
Execute the client service plan in a manner that ensures commitments are met, and potential hurdles avoided. Provide clients with insights on the condition of their business, and bring meaningful & innovative suggestions for improvement.
Build on Prometus world-class capabilities, expertise & know-how to guide the results-oriented change initiatives and turn client challenges into opportunities.
Structure & deliver clear documents & presentations to enable idea sharing.
Ensure that any problem or concern is swiftly resolved with timely consultation in an environment of openness and mutual respect.
Inform client about any evolution likely to impact the ability to complete any deliverable on time and recommend appropriate corrective action.
Ensure the participation of client managers and staff in all developments, this way guaranteeing a shared ownership and knowledge transfer. Provide training and coaching as needed.
Initiate selected tasks that act as control levers to others, and that create a snowball effect on subsequent tasks in terms of participation and commitment.
Help integrate team efforts across client organization and act as a catalyst to build buy-in and create change.
Manage the work on a consistent basis with client, and coordinate, monitor & report on progress, and apply solutions to emerging issues.
Create forums & channels for information sharing and dialogue, with no taboo subjects for discussion.
Obtain from the client a regular formal or informal assessment of our performance.
From the start of the engagement till its end, strongly focus on delivering lasting results.
Commit to a partnership that creates value through implementation.
  “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
  Author unknown.                    
  As the famous saying goes, we teach our client how to fish, but also how to cook fish, so that he can later feed himself properly for a lifetime. While formally teaching our client fishing & cooking, and to ensure he is fed daily until he fully learns, we fish and cook together with the client everyday; this in turn ensures further learning by doing.