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  Organization & Transformation

In a business environment characterized by rapid changes, Organizational Design is a central topic. The future success of any organization - whether it is a public administration, a large holding, or a subsidiary - depends on its ability to adjust to new challenges such as strategic shifts, competitive pressure, customer demand changes, new business model and technologies, etc. This ability is defined by the organization’s flexibility, its structure, processes, people and culture. These dimensions are reflected in our extensive experience in organization design and implementation.

The one-size-fits-all approach to organizational change and business transformation is something obsolete, and today’s organizational issues are too sophisticated for a cookbook or template approach. For leaders seeking to boost their organization’s performance, the business transformation options and buzzwords can be repulsive. With Prometus you won’t face all this; we are the region’s pioneers in personalized approach to organizational development and improvement. We combine our industry & functional expertise and organizational know-how to design, implement and run high-performance organizations and processes. We create organizational clarity by working with you to translate your strategic objectives into well-designed and accountable organizations that best fit to your situation. We help you transform your organization structure fast, and establish processes, develop capabilities, and use your resources in an effective and cost-efficient way.

In addition, many of the business transformation projects fail and many others do not meet the expectations of senior management; Critical barriers to change are usually people-related such as limited change management skills, poor communications and employee opposition, failure to provide training at the right time, etc. To achieve the business results you desire and implement lasting improvements, we at Prometus focus on the cultural and human issues. Our methods combined with our highly skilled consultants and your people ensure a smooth pathway towards change. Together with you we can activate and boost the real change agents in your organization: your people; we help you encourage your people to improve your organization continuously.
Our service offerings can be summarized as:
Organizational Diagnosis: we identify improvement potential in the client organization. We analyze the client's
current situation, address first opportunities for organizational change, and estimate the benefits of the different alternatives.
Organizational Design: we develop organizational solutions in order to improve the effectiveness and performance of the organization across all its businesses & functions. We define processes and activities of the various organizational units, design detailed organization charts, develop job descriptions, perform manpower planning, define jobs grading, establish a compensation & benefits scheme, etc.
Organizational Implementation: we help in developing organization implementation and staffing plans; we assist in properly staffing the new organization, and support our client's employees in setting up the new structures and processes, and help enable the required change and foster acceptance for the new organization.
Telecoms Industry

All successful players in the telecoms industry are responding to the fast changes in the market by redesigning their business processes and constantly adapting their organization and management culture to the new processes. With the market changes, companies must respond by shortening their time-to-market, and determine for each activity the level of centralization and decentralization, control costs, and ensure that the human resources in all functions and business groups are efficiently allocated. In dynamic industries like telecoms, these questions in addition to others such as technology & convergence, business trends and customer demands, force players to deal with them on an ongoing basis.

Transforming a government-owned telecom operator into a market-driven company that can compete in a liberalized market is an enormous project. This involves reengineering of company operations, and reorientation of company culture. The benefits of successful transformation are nevertheless remarkable.

Prometus Consulting has vast experience in transforming your telecom organizations and reinventing your technology, portfolio, operations, skills, and culture. Whether you are a public or private, fixed or mobile service provider, we can help you design and adapt your organization into a new business model that helps you manage changes, realize potential and enable sustainable value. Our experience & perspective across a full range of strategy-based transformation components and industry & functional capabilities enable us to always deliver on our promise, with great precision, speed and certainty.