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  Marketing & Customer Management

Senior managers are increasingly turning to marketing & sales to increase earnings and sustain long-term growth, and address the challenge of competing in a landscape with increased offerings of products & services, proliferation of brands, fragmentation of customer segments, increased costs to serve, more complex execution, etc.

Companies are increasingly embracing the value of a comprehensive marketing & customer management strategy as it is a key to growth and success. Business models are strongly affected by customer management strategies, service, branding initiatives, channels, marketing and sales efforts, and customer retention programs.

However, to unleash their full potential, marketing and customer management need to be more closely integrated in to the main strategies, functions, and processes of the business.
Our services across five priority areas are presented as levers that our clients can apply to excel in marketing and customer management:
Marketing Research: Qualitative and quantitative research, as well as integrated quali/quanti approach.
We deliver you customer insights, and help you fully integrate the research within the overall business, and move it beyond serving just the marketing group to providing value-added answers to key strategic questions.
Product Management: Business planning and market plans, benchmarking analyses, product development, pricing strategies and tariff modelling, portfolio management, product/service branding, etc. Integrating business and brand strategies, helping clients yield faster growth and higher returns by delivering a differentiated brand, identifying opportunities to leverage a brand into new markets, and managing product portfolios. We help clients coordinate their business strategies and marketing operations across the full portfolio of brands.
Marketing Communication: We support in corporate branding & identity, planning for and conducting advertising campaigns, PR, etc. and in outsourcing to advertising agencies and third parties.
Customer Management: We deliver various support services ranging from e.g. CRM business models, customer
segmentation, customer loyalty & retention, key accounts management, sales management, sales & customer
service channels, customer care, contact centres management, to customer database management, billing, etc.
Commercial Processes and Organization: We provide end-to-end redesign of core commercial processes delivering increasingly interlinked and synergizing Marketing, Sales and Customer Service functions. We aim to align the Marketing & Customer Management and supporting organizational structures, processes, and technologies to achieve a sustained excellence in customer experience, service, and responsiveness.
Within the context of transformation programs, Prometus takes a comprehensive approach to optimizing client
capabilities in marketing & customer management, starting by identifying the key customer drivers, analyzing the exact profitability of products and customers, and evaluating the effectiveness of current commercial processes in achieving profitability and customer relationship objectives. This analysis enables us to further appraise products and services, improve marketing and sales channel performance, and achieve operational excellence in customer care and customer service processes.

While offering our marketing & customer management services (processes, approaches, tools, methodologies, etc.) we recognize that the application of levers will vary from one industry to the other. Therefore, we offer industry-tailored approaches, with advanced capabilities in targeted sectors, particularly telecoms.