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  Corporate Planning

We help leading companies define and validate their strategy, by addressing it in a transparent and comprehensive process that considers the true business drivers, industry insights and market reviews. We develop innovative strategic plans keeping the leadership’s vision, customers, competition, core competencies and technology implications in mind. We apply a successful and sustainable approach that ensures our client participation to guarantee implementation, and to realistically balance between ambition, feasibility and the organizational boundaries.

Many organizations fail to implement corporate strategies successfully. The traditional approaches to strategic planning fail to deal with the increasing uncertainty and the fast changes in today's business environment. Prometus can help you develop successful corporate plans that stand the test of time through innovative methodologies that overcome the weaknesses of traditionally developed plans. Our corporate planning and maintenance allow for the necessary flexibility to adapt to and anticipate changes in the business environment, while staying aligned with the long-term goals and clear objectives.

We assist in vision engineering, strategy definition and deployment, and change management. You can benefit from Prometus capabilities in corporate vision & mission, strategic goals & objectives, strategic planning, business planning & capital allocation, business development plans, and performance management & BSC. Balanced Scorecards (BSC) bridge the typical gap between well-defined strategies and daily operations. BSCs can help organizations develop and mobilize their intangible assets, which are critical for success: the organization’s skills & competencies, efficiency and responsive processes, innovation in products & services, and customer loyalty and relationships. This way BSCs help align units, teams and individuals with overall organizational objectives. Our powerful and proven BSC approach can be flexibly adapted to all situations and needs. Our previous experience shows that our clients' organization not only benefited from alignment, but also from a much smoother & faster corporate planning process.

Telecoms Industry

Corporate Planning is particularly tricky in the Telecoms industry which is undergoing increasingly rapid and sweeping change. New technologies, liberalization and competition, regulatory confrontation, the emergence of new business models in particular in Marketing and CRM, the integration of supply chains, and the business consolidation, alliances & partnerships are currently the key trends. These changes mean that corporate strategies have to be thoroughly checked and, in most cases, reoriented if companies - operators and service providers - are to develop a long-term competitive advantage. We can help you firmly establish the needed process of corporate strategy development and adjustment.

With falling prices and intensifying battles over market share, the telecoms industry heads toward fewer but stronger companies. To regain firm footing, and extend and complement existing technologies and service offerings, most telco leaders are eagerly exploring new business opportunities through industry partnerships, joint ventures, divestitures, and mergers & acquisitions. All these require thorough analysis, careful evaluation and a deep understanding of valuation methods, business models and regulatory implications. Prometus Consulting (with the assistance of its sister ECE Consultants when needed) can help telco leaders determine the objectives of the transaction, structure the deal, and develop materials to convey details to interested parties. We can also identify acquisition targets or buyers, and make introductions, assist with financing, and keep shareholders apprised of proceedings. We can assist with the negotiation and finalisation of the deal. After the deal is done, we can advise companies on how to optimize organization to realize a smooth transition and improved overall performance.